Basic Program
We offer a 6 month beginner program, specifically designed to prepare our students with all of the basic technique and theory required to advance into intermediate and advanced ranks prior to earning their Black Belt.  This program is also designed to introduce you to some Karate history and philosophy, and gives you a chance to see what it will be like to become a martial artist. Our basic program will help increase your focus, awareness, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. By the end of six months, with a consistent training schedule, you may notice an increase in muscle tone, and maybe a little weight loss. Our Basic Program gives you an opportunity to see if you ready for, and serious about making the commitment to start earning a Black Belt in Karate.
Black Belt Club
Our Black Belt Club program is for students who have been with us through at least one belt promotion or more in the Basic Program. It is a longer term commitment, and is intended for those who are serious about becoming a Black Belt and moving beyond the rank of Shodan (or first degree). This program will take a student from beginner ranks into the intermdiate and advanced levels, and eventually the rank of Black Belt and beyond. Not only does this program continuously allow for students to learn new techniques and theories, it presents new challenges in training, and reminds you of the goal you have set for yourself: Earning a Black Belt. Becoming a Black Belt does not necessarily mean being the best at punching and kicking. Becoming a Black Belt requires one to become a leader in and out of the karate school, and set a positive example for others to follow by being the best YOU that you can be.

Other programs/courses offered
Tai Chi
Judo/Ju Jitsu

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