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Sun: ClosedWelcome to Massey Martial Arts Academy

       We offer instruction in an Okinawan based system of Karate called Shorei Goju Ryu. The style of Karate taught is adaptable to virtually any age, gender, body size and/or shape. Karate is a dynamic activity that carries over into many other aspects of its participants’ lives, helping increase mental focus, awareness, self-discipline, and self-control. Flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle tone/weight loss are all benefits of a regular training schedule. 

       In addition to traditional Karate training, we also incorporate technique and method from other martial arts systems, striving to ensure our students are well rounded and prepared for any given situation. 

       We offer programs for children as young as 3 years of age, classes exclusively for adults, and a schedule that also allows the whole family to train together. The family that kicks together sticks together! 

Give us a call or send us an email to schedule your first free introductory class soon!

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